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Ashiatsu Massage October 4 & 5, 2020 | Massage CE Central

Ashiatsu Massage October 4 & 5, 2020


16 CE


Instructor: Diane Kurtz

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There is a way to give the depth and pressure many clients seek without taxing your own body- Ashiatsu Massage! And the best way to learn it is YOUR way! Rather than following a “routine”, in this class you’ll be encouraged to make the modality your own from the start-you’ll continue using many of the techniques you already know- you’ll simply learn how to do them with your feet!
Ashiatsu has gained notoriety as a deep massage technique, but pressure is easily adjusted for a very light touch massage too- plan on practicing Ashiatsu on most of your clients!
Diane Kurtz is passionate about sharing this career extending, sometimes career saving modality! She developed a unique four bar system that allows you to work all areas of the body from supine and prone with no need for side-lying positioning and draping! And forget about going into the ceiling for bar installation! You’ll be given details for free standing Ashiatsu bar construction that can be adapted to fit any treatment space!
This is a comprehensive course and you’ll leave ready to practice a full body Ashiatsu Massage! You’ll receive reading materials before class so the majority of class time is devoted to demonstration and practice time- not lecture!
Topics covered include: Contraindications, body mechanics, draping and bolstering, foot care, marketing, and bar installation. You should be generally fit, have good balance and coordination and some flexibility. No weight limits, but contact us prior to enrollment if you have concerns regarding the physical requirements of this course.
Bring 2 flat twin sheets, 2 hand towels, face cradle covers, and lubricant of choice dispensed from a holstered container. Please come with soft clean feet free of cracked/dried skin and calluses and nails neatly trimmed with no sharp edges. If you use oil- bring 2 extra sheets and a large towel.
Still not sure if Ashiatsu is right for you? Then why not give it a “test drive”?! Check out the Ashiatsu Massage Preview class!


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