Clinical Kinesiology Taping August 3, 2020




Instructor: Diane Kurtz

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Therapists from many disciplines have relied on kinesiology taping since the 1970’s for its unique ability to ehance movement and function! Learn how to combine your existing massage techniques with kinesiology tape to treat injuries, support weak zones, re- educate muscles and mitigate scars.
Benefits of kinesiology taping include: enhanced proprioception and coordination, pain relief, correction of postural imbalances and improved healing of soft tissues through edema reduction, and stimulation of lymphatic drainage and blood flow.
Topics covered include:
  • Physiological and neurological benefits of kinesiology taping
  • Fundamental taping techniques and treatment strategies
  • Taping for postural stability, improved mobility, injury prevention and recovery
  • Scar tissue taping effects, benefits and application
  • Prenatal taping applications
This class consists of approximately 1.5 hours lecture and discussion and 6.5 hours demonstration and practice. Please bring 1 sheet, lubricant of choice and wear comfortable clothing that allows for movement– shorts are recommended.
Class fee includes a full box of 115’ of kinesiology tape to use in class and take home.


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