Integrative Reflexology® Spa Certification October 18 & 19, 2020


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Instructor: Debra J. Stuff Gist

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Course includes 150+ page manual with charts.
In this 2-day spa certification course students will learn the basic hands-on techniques of foot and hand reflexology through the 4-theory integrated approach to reflexology:  structural integration; meridians; zones and psychoneuroimmunology.   This innovative whole-hand approach is gentle on the thumbs, fingers and the practitioner’s body.
In this training students will learn:
  • How to give and receive a full 60 minute foot reflexology session with an easy to learn protocol
  • Therapeutic applications of foot soaks
  • History and 4 theories of reflexology
  • Proper body mechanics for ease on the reflexologist’s body
  • Cautions and contraindications for reflexology
  • How to integrate reflexology into your work as an add-on service or a full session
  • Both morning sessions includes lecture in theory, anatomy and hands-on demonstrations and afternoon sessions include practical hands-on instruction and practice.
  • At end of training student will be able to perform a full hand and foot reflexology session, immediately being able to integrate into their work.
None. This class is designed for massage therapists and is open to the public.
Certification Requirements
Each participant will locate all reflex points on the feet and demonstrate basic reflexology technique and must show proficiency on an in-class written exam.
This approach creates space for the body’s innate wisdom to provide the healing offered through an Integrative Reflexology® session. The Integrative Reflexology® method was developed by Claire Marie Miller specifically for massage therapists.


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